Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash
Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Hey people! you are beautiful.

I know me and i don’t need your opinion.

We live in a world where every second person knows you. They have the audacity to judge you. Comment on things that “you” own and they have nothing to do with. I just want to tell them, “GET A LIFE”.
I know me and i know every curve and inch of my body, you don’t need to point it out. And for everyone out there “Hey people, you are beautiful”. They think they can say whatever they want, if you are curvy, bulky, skinny or any of different opinions that they have; but they don’t. Just remember they are the insecure little piece of trash that just can’t accept the angel you are. You are a flame of change, a roaring ocean of freedom and the best version of you.

They’ve been saying things and they will. They will poke on your physique, your choices, your freedom but you be proud of them. You don’t need their approval or applause, you just need “you”. Have faith in your ideologies. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t let them break you. Say it out loud what you see, what you accept and what you love. Be happy because you have the power to choose your own path, and proud because you did. Trust yourself and never let yourself down.

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